Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our terms and condition page. We declare here all the terms and condition which we hope our customer to agree before using any of our services or visiting our website. We take this to our concern that anybody who visits our website directly or indirectly agrees to our terms & condition. We also declare this attestation from any user that they have read all our terms & condition and agreed to them and that they have accepted to all the terms & condition here with no difference permitted.

Legal Stand

Any deviation from terms and conditions policy is not permitted and by law each grown-up over the age of 18 utilizing our site our terms & conditions apply to them.

Service Agreement Modifications-

The agreement signed between our customers and us are not subject to any modifications made by the client. However, the rights to make any changes in service agreement remains with us. Customers will not have any dispute regarding the changes made by us. All changes will be updated for future reference.

Acceptance of Terms-

We specify here that we exclusively own this site and we don't share any part of our business with other vendors. Every image, logo, graphics and content used here are a part of our website and its external (commercial purpose) use is not permitted. We are the actual owner of this website so the viewers can access and visit our site from any corner of the world.

Our Services-

Our Technical support service will come into action only after our customers opt the payment of the agreed plan. We offer all services under our terms and conditions. Services include web marketing & designing, website development and mobile app development. The responsibility of renewing these services if the plan expires ultimately lies on the customer. We will not send any service renewal notification.


As per business requirements, we keep on updating our terms and conditions on a regular basis. We suggest our customers to view our terms and conditions page regularly to track the changes made by us.

Feel free to reach us for any other query related to our terms and conditions.